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About Nostrich.Land

Today, there are over 100 public relays on the nostr network, which provide free entry-level services to ordinary users. Since the services are provided by volunteers for free, congestion, interruptions, and even service shutdowns can occur. When a relay shuts down, many of the information stored on these relays are permanently lost. In addition, since accessing, reading, and writing to these relays requires no cost, spammers and robot accounts can post large amounts of junk content on them, making it extremely difficult to obtain useful content from these relays.

One feasible solution to address all these issues is to opt for paid relays. By choosing to use Nostrich.Land's paid relay services, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your information flow will be presented faster and more smoothly compared to using some congested public relays. This will improve your user experience and reduce the unnecessary amount of data you need to download when using relays.
  • As using our relay to write content incurs a cost, you will not be affected by spammers and bots who tend to bombard any social media network.
  • Our relay wss://relay.nostrich.land connect to other public relays, helping you broadcast the information you publish in real-time to other public relays, which will also save you a significant amount of data. See public relays broadcast list to find out which relays that events are broadcasted to.
  • You can also use our anti-spam relay, wss://universe.nostrich.land, which will greatly improve your global feed. See FAQ for more information.
  • wss://universe.nostrich.land also supports language filtering, just add a "lang" query parameter after the original URL. For example: wss://universe.nostrich.land?lang=en. Or add more "lang" parameters for multiple languages: wss://universe.nostrich.land?lang=en&lang=zh&lang=ja.
  • NIP-42 and NIP-50 are supported on wss://universe.nostrich.land. If you are using a client that supports NIP-42, If your client supports NIP-42, this process is done automatically by the client. For compatibility with unsupported clients, we make this authentication optional. Likewise, if your client already supports NIP-50, you don't need to do anything extra to use wss://universe.nostrich.land for keyword searches. If your client does not support it, you can click https://nostrich.land/search.html to experience it.
  • More features are continuously being developed.

Update (2023-04-07): Because wss://relay.nostrich.land has been integrated into wss://universe.nostrich.land, now you only need to add wss://universe.nostrich.land to use the above features.


What's the problem?
Currently, there are two main approaches that can help people obtain more useful information and avoid spam content from the global feed. One approach is to display content only from paid relays, and the other is to display content only from follows and follows of follows. However, these approaches are not good enough.
Regarding the first approach, people find out that paid relays only serve content from paid users, so it's not showing up much. They cannot see any information from their friends if their friend is not a paid user. Therefore, people use the second algorithm - follows of follows.
The algorithm of follows of follows seems to work well for the global feed, but it also has some problems. If you are a new nostrich or you don't follow many people, you'll find that your global feed shows only a few pieces of information. Even for a nostrich who has already followed a lot of people, it may seem like the problem has been solved, but in reality, it has not. Now your global vision will be narrowed down to follows of follows, which is only a small group of people, maybe no bigger than thousands of people. The global feed on Damus is called universe, and it should be much larger than that!
How do we solve it?
In short, it's based on the algorithm of follows of follows, but we provide more than that. According to the reasons above, we realize that people use follows of follows because they trust their friends, their friends' friends who are trusted, and will not spam their feed. Also, people join paid relays to avoid spam and get more useful information, so we could say that paid users are also trusted. And then, we combine them together! All users on nostrich.land paid relay, their follows, and follows of follows will all be treated as trusted people.
In order to achieve that, we calculate the whole relationships based on this algorithm. Pull all information from some large public relays constantly, but only the content of these trusted people will be populated to your global feed. Now we can provide you with a vision of not only your trusted people but also all nostriches's trusted people on our paid relay.
How to use?
Once you paid, add both of our relays to your nostr client. wss://relay.nostrich.land for writing & broadcasting and wss://universe.nostrich.land for universe feed.
About the blacklist
Because some people followed a spam robot account that sent a large amount of spam messages, which caused the spam messages from the robot to appear in global feed, we have added these people to the blacklist. Because if you add a spam robot to your follow list, your home page will be flooded with spam, so we have reason to believe that no sensible person would follow any spam robot account except for the controller of the spam robot himself. If you were mistakenly added to the blacklist because you accidentally followed a spam robot, please contact us.


Nostr protocol
nostr - nostr overview
Nostr Clients
Damus - a nostr client for iOS.
Amethyst - A nostr client for Android.
Iris - A nostr web client.
Nostr Relays
nostr.watch - A web app gathers all the info on all known relays.

Contact us

I'm William, who built and runs Nostrich.Land. I like coding and building things.

You can reach me on nostr: npub1vj0wlergmkcs0sz7hfks2ywj555c2s87f40squ4sqcmqpr7897fqn6mfew